General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme body representing the members of the Global Leadership Communications Association. All ordinary members of the association are entitled to vote. Supporting members and members in training are entitled to speak and apply, but not to vote. The general assembly gives the guidelines for the activity of the association and deals with fundamental questions and matters of the association.

Among the general assembly’s tasks and rights are: electing Management Board, Advisory Board and Financial Advisor; receiving the annual report by the Management Board members; discharging the Management Board; deciding on the Board’s proposals for the general assembly; determining membership fees; dissolving the Association.
The ordinary general assembly takes place once a year and is chaired by the Chairman of the Management Board. Every active full member is equally entitled to vote in the general assembly.

Management Board

The Management Board consists of the Chairman (President) and two Vice-Presidents. A member of the Management Board performs the duties of the Managing Director, one that of the Financial Officer (CFO) and one that of the Organization Officer (COO). The members of the board are elected by the general assembly in written and secret election for a period of two years.
The Management Board manages the business of the association. He carries out the resolutions of the general assembly and manages the association’s assets.

1st GLCA Management Board (Click on the names for bios)

Matteo Scaravelli

Matteo Scaravelli


Dr. Nikolai A. Behr

Dr. Nikolai A. Behr

Managing Director and Vice President

Daniel Moj

Head of Operations and Vice President

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports the Management Board in its work, each member in the areas and capacity according to mutual agreements. The Advisory Board consists of up to a maximum of fourteen members. The work of the Advisory Board is particularly important in setting the agenda for the Association work and mainly has a consulting purpose.

1st GLCA Advisory Board (Click on the names for bios)

Other Bodies

By decision of the board, committees can be formed for certain, clearly delimited areas of responsibility for his term of office.