The Global Leadership Communications Association (1st GLCA) is a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting knowledge, education and international exchange in the fields of corporate and leadership communication. We foster dialogue and knowledge sharing around corporate and leadership communications disciplines, methodologies, technologies and key topics, making use of suitable formats, events and channels.  Our aim is to offer leaders and communication professionals a platform to share ideas and best practices, to deepen their expertise and to network with each other.

Our Vision

Vision of the GLCA
Vision of the GLCA

Today’s world is full of opportunities, but also risks and complexity. Our generation and the next to come stand before titanic challenges and disrupting changes such as climate change, digitalization, artificial intelligence, demographic change. Unfiltered access to media – as consumers but also as content creators – and new powerful channels provide people with unlimited degree of freedom, but also imply considerable risks of manipulation.

In such a challenging time, full of opportunities but also risks, the role of leaders (economic, political, spiritual, academic) is crucial to the further development of society. The way leaders communicate, the topics they decide to own and to promote, as well as their understanding of modern communications mechanisms will be key for their success, as well as for the development of society.

The vision of the Global Leadership Communications Association is to inspire leaders and communications professionals, as well as to promote knowledge on modern communications technologies, methodologies and key topics, in order to empower them in shaping a better world for the generations to come.

Our Mission

Mission of the GLCA
Mission of the GLCA

The Global Leadership Communications Association aggregates influencing leaders and communications professionals to foster expert dialogue, with the purpose to:

1) Promote topics leading to constructive change

2) Improve leaders’ and people knowledge of modern communications strategies, tactics, channels and tools

3) Help shape a new generation of leaders and citizens who will stand for positive change and fully understand the mechanisms of modern communications.

Organization and promotion of conferences, workshops and training sessions, as well as expert dialogue via state-of-the-art web based platforms and channels are among the main tools used by the Association to pursue its goals.