Daniel Moj

Head of Operations and Vice President

Daniel creates stories, productions and treatments by and for companies and organizations. As a crossover expert between journalism and corporate communications, he plans, manages and implements PR-centric marketing campaigns and communication strategies. The consultant and executive coach focuses primarily on the power of storytelling – a profession he develops and designs as director and author in films, videos or animations for companies and TV stations. As a reporter, author and video journalist, Daniel works for both public and private television, reporting primarily on topics related to economy, ecology and social processes.

A former officer of the German Federal Armed Forces, Daniel has directed films and documentaries such as “Gold and Greed – the Battle of the Indians” for the editorial department of planet e or “Operation in the Desert Sands” for the editorial department 37 Grad of German state television channel ZDF. In 2015 he published the specialist book “Fernsehjournalismus” (“Television Journalism”) by Halem-Verlag.