Christian Kuhna

Founder and CEO at USDC – Urban Society Design Consultancy, Shanghai

Christian is the founder and CEO of USDC, Urban Society Design Consultancy, Shanghai, China, changing society through human centered design. Projects include brand consulting, training and development, multi-generational co-living models and the founding a New School for Art, Design, Architecture and Craftsmanship inspired by the Bauhaus, including an experiential Theatre. UDSC takes a new, holistic approach to urban and rural planning, forming cross-disciplinary teams of architects, urban planners, anthropologists, designers and institutions, working closely with Universities in China and internationally.

As an internationally recognized keynote speaker working with MARS SUMMIT, Shenzhen, he delivers keynotes, talks and workshops all over Asia and Europe. With a deep experience in strategy, education & learning, as well as innovation, creativity and digital transformation, he sparks inspiration and business implementation for the Future of Work and Education.

Christian’s focus topic is The Renaissance of Humanism through Creativity in a Rapidly Digitalizing World, giving a clear vision on how we need to embrace technology as well as transformation and change, to embrace and shape a more human-centered future. With an NFC Chip implanted in his hand, Christian is probably the first and only “cyborg” in China, demonstrating how we can augment ourselves as humans, and what the risks and opportunities are.

Before starting his professional path in China in 2015, Christian worked in different HR and Communications management positions at Adidas, Siemens and Daimler in Europe and in the US.