The Global Leadership Communications Association (1st GLCA) addresses three levels of content which are relevant for constructive leadership communication in its function to induce and promote positive change for individuals and society.

1. The purpose of an organization and the big trends of our time

Today, successful public and private organizations must have a clear purpose. A “reason to exist”, so to say. What is the organization’s impact on the lives of customers, employees, the public and, generally speaking, on the whole society? Organizations’ leaders need to have a clear answer to this question: for their employees, who need to be inspired and motivated to do their best for the organization; but also for all other stakeholders. Eventually, what is the organization’s contribution to the advancement of society?

The 1st GLCA fosters dialogue and best practice exchange with leaders and communications experts on topics such as Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, the Future of Mobility, the Future of Work and all other big trends of our time that have an impact on society.

2. Strategies, tools and tactics in the age of disruptive communication technologies

Whatever the messages they intend to convey to their audiences: in order to be effective, today’s leaders need to have a deep understanding of mechanisms and tools of modern communications. They need to able to understand the consequences of social media communications, as well as to assess the potential and the risks of new disruptive digital communications technologies. The 1st GLCA promotes knowledge and foster continuous dialogue between leaders and experts in this crucial field.

3. Communications and leadership skills

Communications strategies can be very smart and modern tools can be extremely powerful. However, at the end, communications and leadership are about human beings, and about their skills in leading and communicating. Communications and leadership skills can be cultivated, acquired, improved and trained. The 1st GLCA gathers a network of experts and trainers who can support leaders and communications professionals in their learning process.