The Global Leadership Communications Association aggregates influencing leaders and communications professionals to foster expert dialogue, with the purpose to promote topics leading to constructive change, improve leaders’ and people knowledge of modern communications strategies, tactics, channels and tools and help shape a new generation of leaders and citizens who will stand for positive change and fully understand the mechanisms of modern communications.

The channels we use to pursue our scope include different formats, such as:

  • The organization and promotion of conferences and workshops for leaders and communications professionals
  • The promotion of expert dialogue via state-of-the-art web and video based platforms and channels
  • The sharing of knowledge, ideas and best practices as well as the reflection on internal and external experts’ views, e.g. via our digital and social media channels
  • The organization and execution of physical and virtual training sessions on specific leadership and communications skills
  • The provision of expertise, support and advice in ad hoc cases.

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