All natural and legal persons can become members of the 1st GLCA. With their admission, members recognize the Association’s statute and the resulting rights and obligations.

Admission must be requested in written from to this e-mail address and is decided by the Association’s Managing Board.

There is no legal right to be admitted to the Association.

The 1st GLCA consists of ordinary members, supporting members and members in training.

Ordinary members can be:
a) any natural person who works (or worked) in the fields of corporate and leadership communication / any leadership or communication area (“Communicator”)
b) any natural and legal person who is (or was) active in the areas of management consulting, production, distribution or technology as a contractor, as well as companies and institutions from the area of business and leadership communications. (“Service provider”)
c) any legal person acting as user and / or as producer of communication technologies, marketing, IT or film and creative industries. (“User”)

Supporting member can be any natural and legal person who supports the association ideally and / or financially for the duration of the membership, or who makes donations in kind that are useful for the association.

Member in training can be any natural person who is under 30 years of age, who is (or was) active in the areas of corporate and leadership communication or any communications / leadership related discipline, and who is actively committed to the goals of the association. Membership as a member in training expires on reaching the age of 30. Upon request, the member in training can then be taken on as an ordinary or supporting member.