Alexey Grigoriev

Vice President Corporate Public Policy at Metro Group AG

Alexey is a senior executive in public policy, corporate communications and corporate affairs. Since 2013 he is Vice-President, Corporate Public Policy METRO AG, as well as Head of METRO AG Representative Office, Moscow.

Having graduated from and made his doctor-of-law thesis in, the Moscow Institute of International Relations, Alexey started a diplomatic career in the Soviet / Russian Foreign Service. Here he gained a rich experience in dealing with complex political issues like re-unification of Germany, European security policy or the Kosovo crisis. His last engagement in the Russian Foreign Ministry was very much focused on G8 activities as a follow-up to the terrorist attack September 11, 2001.

Alexey changed to business in 2002, having assumed the responsibility first for Corporate Strategy and Communications and later for Corporate Communications combined with public relations, Government affairs and CEO support at Siemens Russia. These 11 years were marked with many outstanding projects and campaigns in all these fields.

2013, Alexey entered the world of METRO AG dealing with public policy issues in times when Russian relations with the West came into a crisis mode and when Russia faced a lengthy economic downturn, both impacting free international and domestic trade. Representing  corporate interests in the country, he established a broad network and stays engaged in numerous business associations and other institutions that support public-private dialogue in Russia.

Alexey speaks Russian, English and German.